Updated Core Competency Resource is Ready

Wow! Already a month into the new year. Last week I noticed snow drops peeking out from the snow and it reminded me that spring is just around the corner; even if it doesn’t feel like it quite yet. In all honesty, I’m quite a snow nut, but I’ll admit I’m looking forward to the longer days and spontaneous camping trips over the next few months.

Updated Core Competency Package

Something I am pretty excited about right now, is that I’ve finished updating my K-7 BC Core Competencies package :-).

The last few months have been a labour of love spending evenings, all-nighters, and weekends diving into the updated competencies. I got into such a groove that I kept on creating, playing, refining, testing, and have added over 175 pages to the package!

As you may know I’m quite passionate about personalized learning. As a mom and a teacher it’s been a joy to watch my own kiddos diving into their interests and hone their skills in personally meaningful projects.

Taking that to heart, I wanted to create a resource that would not only help build understanding and connection to the competencies, but also assist students with personal goal setting, inspire self-reflection, and engage them in self-assessment of their own learning journey.

This package has a fun and interactive twist with engaging activities that are perfect to add to a learning portfolio; showcasing student work and competency learning.

If you already own the BC Core Competencies package make sure you download the updated version, to get all the extra goodies for free!

And if you don’t already have it and would like to check it out, I have discounted the package for the time being.

Coloring Fun!

Speaking of personalized learning – Over winter break I watched oodles of color theory videos (a passion of mine ;)) and swatched tri-tone color combinations together, using pencil crayons.

I’ve continued to color into the new year….here’s a page I did using a tri-tone effect with 4 base colours, and a light and dark shade of each. This helps gives the image a lot of pop.

I’d love to hear what you think!

BC Core Competencies – Activities & Self-Assessment (K-7)

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Great for introducing the core competencies, student self-reflections, and student-led conferencing!
Hands-on activities, self-assessments, student tracking sheets, work sample templates, and bonus labels. Use with any subject 🙂

Growth Mindset & Motivational Coloring Sheets – Set 1

Ten original hand illustrated coloring sheets, that tie in beautifully with growth mindset

Growth Mindset & Motivational Coloring Sheets – Set 3

Ten original, hand drawn, coloring sheets, that are perfect for encouraging a growth mindset, using as a calming activity, or having on hand for free time