Coming Soon – Updated Core Competencies – Activities & Self-Assessment

I have a big surprise in store for K-7 teachers in British Columbia.

Coming up in the next week I am re-releasing my package: BC Core Competencies – Activities and Self-Assessment.  This is a giant update to match the content of the finalized version of the BC Curriculum released in August 2019.

As a thank you to my supporters and previous customers I am releasing this as  a free update to my existing package.

Everyone who has purchased the package before I update it will get this new version!

This update includes:

  • More than 150 additional pages of content
  • More activities and classroom resources
  • Updated graphics and layout
  • Updated competencies
  • Teacher instructions and further ideas for use
  • Multi-Level options for K-7
  • Designed for use throughout the year

To get the free upgrade, be sure to purchase this package before the updated release.  You will be able to download the new package when it is available.  After the release the price for this package is going up.  Don’t miss out.

Visit the BC Core Competencies Activities & Self-Assessment Package for details.

BC Core Competencies – Activities & Self-Assessment (K-7)

Save $6.50 with the discount code SAVEME650 —
Great for introducing the core competencies, student self-reflections, and student-led conferencing!
Hands-on activities, self-assessments, student tracking sheets, work sample templates, and bonus labels. Use with any subject 🙂

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