BC Core Competencies – Activities & Self-Assessment (K-7)

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This package has OODLES of UPDATES as of Feb 2020!   If you own it, we will send you a link to download the update to get all the extra goodies :-).  It has been revised, expanded, improved, and refined – over 175 extra pages added, quadrupling the size!  This package is aligned with the competencies of the new BC Curriculum.

Core Competencies:
★ Communication
★ Thinking
★ Personal and Social

★ Communicating
★ Collaborating
★ Creative Thinking
★ Critical & Reflective Thinking
★ Personal Awareness and Responsibility
★ Positive Personal & Cultural Identity
★ Social Awareness & Responsibility

About the Product

Get out your glue and crayons, it’s competency time! Your kiddos are going to have a blast as they learn about the Core Competencies with these interactive activities, inspiring worksheets, and classroom decor.   Students will learn about the competencies, define personal goals, track their progress, engage in self-assessment, and celebrate their successes along the way. Completed pages can be glued into a large notebook, or placed in a folder, to build a personalized learning portfolio, that your students and families will love.

This large package is suited to grades K-7, with a diverse range of activities to meet the needs of your students.  Templates are generic for use with any subject and variations are included throughout. All images are illustrated by me to provide a unique package and inspire smiles 🙂  Whether you’re a primary or intermediate teacher, have a split class or diverse range of students, or even change grades later on down the road, this package has you covered!

Materials Needed:

For the interactive pages students will need:
notebook, folder, or paper,
printed sheets from package
something to color with
pen or pencil for writing


Teacher Material
★ Ideas for use throughout the package
★ Step-by-step illustrated instructions
★ Competency reference material – background info & prompts for the activities
★ Extension ideas

Interactive Pages

★ Interactive Fold and Flip Tabs – for core and sub-competencies
★ Interactive Glue and Flip Tabs – for core and sub-competencies
★ Oversize glue and flip tabs – for core and sub-competencies
★ Optional illustrations – to place under flip tabs
★ Optional facet pie charts – to place under flip tabs
★ Optional competency reference cards – to place under flip tabs
★ Optional lined paper – to place under flip tabs
★ Bookmarks – for core competencies & sub-competencies
★ Word Puzzles (includes 1 word/image matching sheet and 5 word searches)
★ ‘I Can’ Statements – to cut and sort (primary, intermediate, and middle school levels)
★ Small and Large Envelopes – to sort ‘I Can’ Statements (into ‘A little, Pretty much, A lot’ categories)

Self-Reflection Pages

★ Interactive Fold & Flip Tabs – for goal setting/self-reflection
(A strength of mine, I am learning to, A goal I am working towards is, To reach my goal I am going to, I am working on, I Can, Next Steps, My Next Goal)
★ Two Stars and A Wish Templates
★ ‘I Can’ Competency Reference Cards – to assist with goal setting (primary, intermediate, middle school levels)

Self-Assessment Pages

★ Blank templates for students to fill in – some with sentence starters to share about: the area they have been working on, what they have been doing, what they are proud of, what’s next, what their goal is moving forward, and how they will reach their goal
★ Interactive Fold & Flip, and Glue & Flip Tabs – provides an engaging way for students to self-assess how things are going with their goals
★ Core Competency self- assessment templates for students to assess progress on personal goals – includes: space to record their goal and their progress, self-assessment levels (‘Starting Out’, ‘Getting There’, ‘I Met My Goal’), and space to share next steps. Separate sheets are provided for Communication, Thinking, & Personal/Social.

Student Competency Tracking Sheets

★ Thirteen variations of tracking sheets – for students to track plans, progress and next steps on competency goals

Teacher Competency Tracking Sheets

★ Six variations of tracking sheets – for teacher to record student goals and progress

Student Work Sample Pages

★ Eleven variations of work sample templates – blank and lined templates for students to write about/attach work samples
★ work sample labels in color and b/w – to identify work samples and competency area

Bulletin Board & Display Material

★ Illustrated Core Competency labels in color and b/w – approx 4 X 9 inches each
★ Competency Triangles in color and b/w – approx 5 X 6.5 inches each
★ Two ‘I Can’ Statement Headers – approx 2.5 X 10.5 inches each
★ Sub-competency facet pie charts in b/w – full page each
★ Core and Sub-competency Headers with illustrations in color & b/w – approx 2.5 X 10.5 inches each
★ Three Blank Competency Posters in b/w – includes heading and graphics, which are great for laminating and using with dry erase markers

Printable Blank Templates

Great for student extension activities
★ Flip Tab Templates
★ Sub-competency Facet Pie Charts – full & quarter page sizes
★ 4 Bookmark Templates
★ Two Word search Templates – 9 X 9  and 10 X 10 grid
★ Small and Large Sorting Envelopes
★ Blank ‘I Can Statements’ card template
★ Two Self-Assessment Templates
★ Five Blank Templates which are handy for student writing – includes competency themed graphics
★ Labels with competency themed graphics for work samples – approx 4 X 1.5 inches

Extra Material

★ Single, double-spaced, and blank, custom fit paper – provides an option to use inside flip tabs and on work sample templates.
★ Word Search Answer Keys

★ ★ ★ Check out the Preview File for further details and Table of Contents ★ ★ ★


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