UNIT 1 Multisensory Sight Words – Pocket Chart Material

The pocket chart material provides a fun and engaging way for students to build mastery of the sight words: I, to, do, of & the.
This set includes 5 pocket chart stories, multisensory experiences, and accompanying activities and images. Print out the package, cut out the words/pictures, and you are all set to go! These stories go hand in hand with the Level 1 books from the Unit 1 Sight Word Readers package.
Each story has been carefully crafted to stagger the introduction of high frequency words, allowing time for emerging readers to build mastery.
Key Features:
  • Directions for incorporating multisensory instruction is provided
  • Interactive ideas are shared, for ways to use the pocket chart material
  • B/W and color versions of material are included
  • Photos have been provided to demonstrate the materials
  • A fun way to engage as a class in sight word identification, literacy skill building, and reading practice
  • When teaching one new sight word a week, this unit provides 5 weeks of pocket chart stories
The Pocket Chart Materials can be used as stand alone activities, or in combination with my other Unit 1 Packages, for a comprehensive unit of study. Packages available include: Worksheets & Hands-on Activities, Sight Word Readers, Pocket Chart Material, and Center Activities. Choose only the parts you need or select the BUNDLE for the best value. These resources are ideal for primary classes, remedial instruction, homeschool lessons, or tutoring.

To see further details and sample pages, click here for a Preview of Unit 1 Package 🙂


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