UNIT 1 Multisensory Sight Words – Sight Word Readers

These emergent books introduce non-phonetic sight words in a sequenced approach, helping students master the words: I, to do of, & the, as well as 20+ other high frequency words.
Non-phonetic sight words can pose a challenge for students, because they do not follow the standard conventions of the English language. This package includes ten unique reproducible books, and step-by-step instructions for using a multisensory approach to introduce sight words. The books have been carefully crafted to stagger the introduction of high frequency words, allowing time for emerging readers to build mastery.
Key Features:
  • Two levels of books are provided that focus on the sight words I, to, do, of & the
  • Level 1 books have predictable text, and include two variations: one with tracking dots, and one without
  • Extra book pages are included, for students to add additional pages to the readers
  • Level 2 books have longer text, and incorporate additional high frequency sight words
  • Phonetic based sight words introduced in the books are: a, am, at, can, on, get, in, for, under, by, my, look, that, red yellow, blue, green, went, about where
  • Readers are 8 pages, and coded with symbols for easy identification of books levels
  • Illustrations attach meaning by providing context, and are suitable for remedial learners beyond primary ages
  • Blackline graphics provide opportunity for students to color the pages
  • The small readers can easily be taken home for further reading practice
  • Instructions are provided, for introducing sight words using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning modalities, to aid in retention and mastery
  • Additional ideas for using the readers are included
  • When teaching one new sight word a week, this unit provides 5 weeks of book material for students
The Sight Word Readers can be used as stand alone activities, or in combination with my other Unit 1 Packages, for a comprehensive unit of study. Packages available include: Worksheets & Hands-on Activities, Sight Word Readers, Pocket Chart Material, and Center Activities. Choose only the parts you need or select the BUNDLE for the best value. These resources are ideal for primary classes, remedial instruction, homeschool lessons, or tutoring.
To see further details and sample pages,click here for a Preview of Unit 1 Package 🙂
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