Self-Monitoring Reading Bookmarks

These cute bookmarks, provide an adorable reminder, for students to self-monitor as they read. Students are encouraged to reflect on whether their reading makes sense, looks right, and sounds right.

These are important prompts for early and emergent readers, and are a staple in guided reading lessons. The bookmarks assist students in applying the three cueing systems of reading: semantics (meaning), visual (letter/sound knowledge), and syntax (structure of language).

Included are 4 pages of bookmarks
– There are 2 Color, and 2 B/W versions
– The first set includes the prompts: Does it make sense? Does it look right? Does it sound right?
– The second set provides a variation: Does it make sense? Does it look right? Can I say it that way?

The colored versions are bright and cheerful, to engage students.
Black/white versions are great to hand out to students to color.

To see further details and sample pages, click here for a Preview of Bookmarks Package 🙂