Intermediate – BC Core Competency Posters {Printable & Editable}

** I’m excited to announce the posters have been UPDATED Nov 2019 🙂 **   
This set is perfect for Intermediate Grades (4-6), throughout BC.  These friendly posters are ideal for displaying in your classroom to build students’ understanding of the Core Competencies.  They also make wonderful handouts for both learners and parents! The hand drawn illustrations are sure to appeal and provide visual interest, helping to bring the competencies to life.
These cute and colorful posters are aligned with the 2019 finalized versions of British Columbia Core Competencies:
Creative Thinking
Critical & Reflective Thinking
Personal Awareness & Responsibility
Positive Personal & Cultural Identity
Social Awareness & Responsibility
If you bought this package earlier, be sure to go into your TPT purchases and download again for all the awesome updates, which includes: updated competencies, updated phrasing, updated layout, and revised graphics!
Inside you will find a PDF File of unique Printable Posters containing original graphics by me 🙂
The PDF contains:
• 7 posters with student friendly Intermediate ‘I Can’ Statements (one poster for each competency area)
• 7 posters with Progressive ‘I Can’ Statements, (adapted from the BC Ministry of Education), highlighting growth and progression that can occur over numerous years/through life.
Also Included is an EDITABLE PowerPoint file
The PowerPoint file contains:
 • 7 editable posters (one for each competency area).
Key features:
• The main text box is editable on each poster (headings and graphics are locked in place)
• They are perfect for creating your own ‘I Can’ Statements to display in class.
• The blank posters can be laminated and used in many creative ways!
• The PowerPoint file is compatible with all versions of PowerPoint from 1997 onwards, and any compatible software (ie. Pages, Impress, Google Slides, LibreOffice)
All posters are a full page in this set, and could be printed on 11 by 17 inch paper, should you wish to make them larger for display.  Please check out the Preview file up above to see further information and images of what is included. 

Please check out the Preview file to see further information and images of what is included.  All posters are a full page in this set.

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Tanya Baker
Intergalactic Literacy