Grade 2: FALL Dolch Sight Word Cards/Pocket Chart Game

Print, cut, and ready to use, for building sight word recognition skills! The handcrafted illustrations add a playful and unique element to this resource, that students are sure to love.

This Fall Themed Sight Word Card Set contains all 46, Grade Two Dolch Sight Words, and includes 3 different fall themes: apples, pumpkins, and leaves. Cute hide-and-seek cards are also provided. It’s perfect for keeping things interesting for your kiddos, throughout the fall season 🙂

Each word card measures 5.2 x 2.65 inches making it versatile for use in pocket chart games, on a word wall, or popping on a ring and hanging at a literacy center. All pages are in color, however could be printed in black and white, should you wish.

Words included for each fall theme are:

always, around, because, been,
before, best, both, buy,
call, cold, does, don’t,
fast, first, five, found,
gave, goes, green, its,
made, many, off, or,
pull, read, right, sing,
sit, sleep, tell, their,
these, those, upon, us,
use, very, wash, which,
why, wish, work, would,
write, your

**Please note: This sight word set can be purchased in a BUNDLE at a discounted price here.**

To Play the Pocket Chart Game

  • Print, cut and laminate sight word cards, and the corresponding hide-and-seek cards.
    • ‘Apple’ sight words = ‘worm’ hide-and-seek cards
    • ‘Pumpkin’ sight words = ‘bat’ hide-and-seek cards
    • ‘Leaf’ sight words = ‘acorn’ hide-and-seek cards
  • Choose theme and words you would like to display in the Pocket Chart.
  • Hide some of the special hide-and-seek cards, (worm, bat, or acorn), behind the sight words.
  • Have students take turns guessing where the hidden card is, by calling out words.
  • Students that find hidden cards, can hide them the next round.
  • To make the game easier, sight words can be flipped over once picked, so students do not call on them again.
  • For more of a challenge, keep cards facing forward, so students need to remember the words that have been selected.

This set also contains printable blank theme cards, for adding in your own words.

To see further details and sample pages, click here for a PREVIEW of this package 🙂