Grade 1: WINTER Dolch Sight Word Cards/Pocket Chart Game

A super sweet winter resource for building sight word recognition skills!

This Fall Themed Sight Word Card Set contains all 41, Grade One Dolch Sight Words, and includes 3 different winter themes: penguins, snowmen, and hearts. It’s perfect for keeping things interesting for your kiddos, throughout the winter season 🙂

Illustrations have been hand drawn by Intergalactic Literacy, for a fun and unique resource! Also included are hide-and-seek cards, as well as printable blank cards, for writing additional words for your students to practice.

Each word card measures 5.2 x 2.65 inches making it versatile for use in pocket chart games, on a word wall, or popping on a ring and hanging at a literacy center. All pages are in color, however could be printed in black and white, should you wish.

Words included (on penguin, snowman, & heart themed cards):

after, again, an, any,
as, ask, by, could,
every, fly, from, give,
going, had, has, her,
him, his, how, just,
know, let, live, may,
of, old, once, open,
over, put, round, some,
stop, take, thank, them,
then, think, walk, were,

**Please note: This sight word set can be purchased in a BUNDLE at a discounted price here.**

To Play the Pocket Chart Game

  • Print, cut and laminate sight word cards, and the corresponding hide-and-seek cards.
    • ‘Penguin’ sight words = ‘fish’ hide-and-seek cards
    • ‘Snowman’ sight words = ‘snowflake’ hide-and-seek cards
    • ‘Heart’ sight words = ‘flowers’ hide-and-seek cards
  • Choose the theme, and the words, you would like to display in the Pocket Chart
  • Hide a few (ie. 2-3) of the hide-and-seek cards, behind the sight word cards.
  • Students that find the hidden cards, can be the ones to re-hide them, during the next round of play.
  • To make the game easier, sight words can be flipped over once picked, so students do not call on them again.
  • For more of a challenge, keep cards facing forward, so students need to remember the words that have been selected.

To see further details and sample pages, click here for a PREVIEW of this package 🙂