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Intergalactic Literacy Store is open for business

I am so excited to share what we have been working on in the background this past little while.

In addition to my TpT – Teachers Pay Teachers store, I am adding my own personal store on, so that I can offer a more personal connection with you.  

I have been so happy with my TpT store, and I will continue to offer my products through TeachersPayTeachers. 

Why have a second store?

TpT has been great

The TpT marketplace enabled me to offer resources based on my extensive teaching experience in reading methodology, and encouraged me to improve as an illustratrator.   Because of this I’ve learned that I love to draw, and I often find myself happily drawing on my computer late into the night.

Reach a broader audience

Home-school families, parents, therapists, ECE providers, and many other people are looking for resources and may be having a hard time finding the resources they need.   By offering my resources outside of TpT I hope to reach a broader audience that will find these resources helpful.

Exploring literacy and keeping it fun!

Lessons and activities are great, but I am exploring other products that may not fit into the TpT model either.    So with I am looking forward to exploring strange new words. To seek out new literacy learning tools and fun new ways to keep learning fun. To boldly go where literacy has never been before!

Personal Connection

I love all the great reviews in TpT (Thank you ❤️ ), but would like to hear some new ideas about how I can add value, or what new products I can provide.  This site is more than a showcase of my products, it is also about being able to interact with my fans, and getting to know you much better.

What to expect

High quality resource to build literacy and inspire creativity

I work hard to make sure each of my products is as high quality as I can make it.   I pour countless hours into each product to make sure that they are accurate, creative, inspirational, easy to use, a good value, and fun for learners.  All my drawings are illustrated by me so I can be sure that the context matches perfectly. (Plus I love to draw 🙂

Links to fun creative resources

This website is more than just a store for my products, I also want to help you make your life easier and inspire you and your students to be creative.   I may from time to time do a product review on products that I use day to day and will share them with you only because I find them useful, functional, and a good value.

New Packages

I’ve got the bug to create new resources, and I want to continue to share that passion with you.   I am looking forward to exploring more opportunities to create new resources for you. Please feel free to send in a suggestion in the comments down below if there are any resources that you would like to see me create.

Blog Posts

This space will also be used to share what I have been working on, musings, and research topics that I am working on to develop new packages.

Mail Subscribers List

Along with this blog, I am asking you to join my mail list.   This is not a data harvesting mail list, I don’t like spam either, and will not send you spam.   

My personal connection back to you.  

I want to keep you updated with new blog posts and products on my site, free and bonus offers, and most importantly inspire you continue to be creative and keep building those literacy skills for your learners.Thank you

So here is a big hug, and an all-caps THANK YOU, for your patronage on TpT so far.   As a bonus Thank You for signing up on the mail list, I will send you a discount code for 25% off on your first purchase on

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