Pre-Primer & Primer – Interactive Sight Words

Some sight words are extra tricky! This resource helps students master the non-phonetic sight words within the Dolch Pre-Primer and Primer lists. Included you will find interactive flip flap sheets, multisensory sight word worksheets, instructions for teachers, and take home cards for students. Everything is ready to print and use!
The 20 words included in this package are: was, you, one, done, none, two, too, are, who, come, some, what, have, four, said, they, here, where, there, pretty. These words have come from a list provided during Orton-Gillingham Practitioner Training.
This resource is versatile, and can be used with multi-age learners. It is perfect for primary classrooms, RTI, small group instruction, tutoring sessions, and homeschooling lessons.
Key Features:
• Unique hand drawn illustrations have been crafted for each sight word. The Illustrations help students attach meaning, by providing context, and are suitable for remedial learners beyond primary ages.
• There are 2 worksheets, 1 interactive flip flap sheet, and take home/center cards, for each word
• The interactive pages and worksheets build mastery by applying visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning modalities.
• Instructions and guidance are included on how to teach sight words using a multisensory approach
• An easy to search alphabetical index has been included, along with a linked Table of Contents.

To see further details and sample pages, click here for a Preview of Primer & Pre-Primer Sightwords Package 🙂

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