FREEBIE Multisensory Sight Word – Once – Worksheets & Hands-on Activities

Are you looking for activities to help all your students master non-phonetic sight words? This Sight Word FREEBIE contain multisensory instructions, worksheets, and a hands-on activity, to solidify reading and spelling the sight word: ONCE

Non-phonetic sight words can pose a challenge for students, because they do not follow the standard conventions of the English language. In this package, step-by-step instructions using a multisensory approach are provided for teachers to introduce sight words. Students use the worksheets and hands-on activities to build a firm understanding and mastery of these words as they apply visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning modalities.

Key Features in this Freebie:

  • Four variations of worksheets to trace, color, say, write, and apply the sight word
  • A unique interactive activity to reinforce and extend learning
  • Take home cards for further sight word practice
  • Instructions for introducing sight words using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning modalities, to aid in retention and mastery
  • Illustrations attach meaning by providing context, and are suitable for remedial learners beyond primary ages

Worksheets and hands-on activities demonstrate one aspect of the Multisensory Sight Word Packages that are available for non-phonetic sight words.