Calming Coloring Freebie

There has been a tremendous amount of change during the last couple of weeks and hope you are all doing well, keeping safe and sound. <3 In these unprecedented times things can feel uncertain, and I wanted to reach out help in some way.

I’ve been block printing and drawing to keep me grounded, and created a calming coloring page, which has been a big hit in my house.

Carving Fish Block Print
Making the Coloring Page

If you, or your kiddos, enjoy coloring be sure to grab your free copy

I’d love to see your finished sheets.  Feel free to tag me on Instagram or Facebook – @IntergalacticLiteracy.

In the spirit of sharing, here is mine all colored up.

I found the process super soothing and enjoyed experimenting with colored pencils. I decided to pick analogous colors for a serene effect, with a splash of yellow to add some pop.  

You’ll notice the sheet includes a quote by Jonatan Martensson, which beautifully resonates with current times (at least for me anyways 🙂 ) – “Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf.”

Reflecting on this quote while coloring has been helping me to stay in the present moment, and focus on calming thoughts; such as how I am surrounded by a deeply supportive community, and have been spending quality time with my wonderful family. 💖

I wonder what you have been doing for self wellness?   Do you have any strategies that you’re finding helpful these days?